~~ Supporting Our Community and its Animals ~~

Welcome to Brevard ASAP…

A 501(c)(3) Florida non-profit corporation with one mission—to generate resources to enhance Brevard County’s animal shelters.  With four primary goals, Brevard ASAP is raising funds and other resources to accomplish the following:

  • Develop low- or no-cost spay and neuter programs throughout the County, especially for low-income families.  The simplest way to achieve the shelters’ goal of becoming no-kill facilities is to stop the influx of unwanted animals into our shelters.  And the simplest solution to this daily flood of unwanted animals is spaying or neutering our pets.

  • Enhance our shelters by improving their facilities, programs, and operations.  These enhancements will ensure a better experience for shelter animals and staff, improving each animal’s chances for adoption into a loving home.

  • Increase adoptions by creating programs and opportunities County-wide which make shelter animals more accessible to the public.  Making our animals available to meet pet-lovers during non-work hours creates more adoption stories with happy endings.

  • Educate the community, including our children, about all aspects of proper pet care.  The no-kill goal in our shelters will be possible only when the public understands that pets are a life-long commitment, which includes preventing unintended litters.

You can help!

Brevard ASAP is developing several programs to help us achieve our goals.  You can help in several ways:

No gift is too small and no amount of volunteer time is too little to help give our animals the care they need.

Meet our companions…

All of the animals shown on this website have spent part of their lives in Brevard County shelters. Please consider adopting a wonderful animal like these from the South Animal Care and Adoption Center (SACC) or North Animal Care and Adoption Center (NACC).

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