~~ Supporting Our Community and its Animals ~~

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Resources

Brevard ASAP agrees that: "The spaying and neutering of animals in our community is a critical component in achieving the mission of becoming a 'No Kill Community' in Brevard County."

Here are Brevard County resources you can utilize to help meet this goal:

Provider Type Costs Phone(321)
Florida Aid to Animals (Melbourne/Palm Bay) Dogs/Cats $45 and up 242-9826
Brevard Aid to Animals (Melbourne) Dogs/Cats $35 and up 421-6277
Brevard Community Animal Hospital (Melbourne) All   724-1141
Central Brevard Humane Society (Cocoa) All $35 and up 636-3343
United Humanitarians (Cocoa) Dogs/Cats   636-7002
SPCA of North Brevard (Titusville) Dogs/Cats $25 and up 269-0536
Brevard ASAP
(Pit Bull / mixes)
Dogs $0 574-2713
Brevard ASAP
Cats $0 574-2713
Space Coast Feline Network Feral Cats $40 631-SPAY
ClinicBeetlejuiceButternut Bo